Welcome to Mt Olive Church!

We are a congregation made up of a lot of different, imperfect people who love Jesus and want to spread His love and gospel through our community and through the world. Our hope is that you feel the love of Christ the minute you walk through the door, can find a community of believers you can worship and feel at home with.

Come as you are, but don't leave as you came!

Our Pastor
TJ and Roz McAmis

Mount Olive Church is a place where people come because they feel the great love of God. People tell me all the time that they were so impressed with how so many people very sincerely welcomed them and told them how glad they were to see them. Another thing people have told me is that their kids usually will ask when they can come back. I feel one thing that is part of our identity as a church is that we are incredibly transparent about our struggles and imperfections in order to help one another grow in Christ. That transparency starts with each person you will sit under and you will appreciate the time those individuals prepare and care that God speaks to you in their talk! We have a great mix of hymns and newer type songs that compliment our identity as a congregation. As in all churches it can be difficult to find your place, but here at MTO all you have to do is show up to one of our outreach events and we will find you a place. We want this to be a church that has a passion in doing Gods work inside but mainly outside the church. We want to be known as a church on mission! #mtoonmission

-TJ McAmis

What to Expect on your Visit?

At Mount Olive Church, we have a service that offers something for everyone. We know that visiting a new church can sometimes make people nervous because you have no idea what it will be like. We hope to be able to answer your questions and make you feel comfortable and welcome in the God's House.

What is Sunday Service Like?
We start at 11:00 and open with our traditional hymn choir. We have alter prayer, and then our contemporary singers come up. After this we have preaching from the Word of God, followed by an invitation. The service typically last about an 1.25 hours.
What is the Sunday and Wednesday night Service like?
Sunday and Wednesday night services are smaller and more personal. We have bible study on these nights. Sometimes there is singing and sometimes not. There is time for interaction during the bible study if you like. We have programs for kids on these nights.
What do I Wear?
We have people wearing all different kinds of clothes. You probably wouldn't feel uncomfortable in a suit, or a t-shirt.
Do you have Something for Kids?
Yes, we have children's church and Sunday School on Sunday Morning, and His-Team and youth group and Sunday and Wednesday Night. There's always something fun going on for your kids.
What is the Music Like?
We have traditional hymns as well as contemporary music. We also have special singers sometimes. Something for everyone really.
What Version of the BIble do you use?
We teach and preach from the King James version of the bible, but feel free to follow along in the version that you have.

Mt Olive FWB Church

  • 9614 Coeburn Mt Rd Wise, VA 24293