Home Missions

We try to spread the love of God throughout out local community. There is a lot of need in this area and a lot of people that need to see the love of Jesus. Join us for one of our local ministries. We have lots of things going on and you're sure to find somewhere that you can serve. If you would like to get involved with any of these home missions projects please contact Cassidy Hughes at 276-395-0870.
Nursing Home Ministry

For this ministry you will be placed on a team with 3 or 4 other people. One team will go each week. So, your team will only end up going once every couple months. It will be up to your team to decide whatever you want to do with the residents, whether that’s; sitting and talking with them, reading a bible lesson, making a craft, singing with them, or whatever else you can think of just to show them love. There is a volunteer form that Heritage Hall requires us to fill out before volunteering. Contact Cassidy Hughes to get that form.

Homeless Shelter Cooking

We cook for the homeless shelter every week along with taking them a devotional. This is done in teams of 4 or 5 people. Each team ends up only going once every two or three months. You and your team can decide whatever you want to cook and pick a devotional to take.

Prison Ministry

We are currently working on getting into a local prison to create some ministry with them. This may be just sitting an talking with them along with having speakers go to deliver lessons. There are forms to fill out for this as well.

One Accord Ministry

This is a local ministry group based out of Rogersville, TN. They have asked us to come to Rogersville for a day mission trip on November 18. This will be to do some home repairs on local houses along with doing a block party for their community. The block party will involve music, food, games, and testimonies from the people who go. SO we need a lot of volunteers to make this happen!

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year we will be doing the community thanksgiving dinner again along with giving away what coats we had left from last year’s dinner. Help will be needed with preparing food and in serving. Date TBA. Last year many of the people attending the dinner requested to take items from the food pantry with them. That being said, we want to make sure the food panty is stocked up before this event. Any donations for the food pantry can be left in the foyer.

Samaritans Purse Trip

We will be taking a Samaritans Purse trip to Houston, TX for Hurricane Harvey relief. Right now they have no places to stay and we will have to get hotel rooms. The church is looking into paying for the hotel rooms. The only cost individually would be food and plane ticket. The plane tickets will around $200 round trip. This trip will be November 3-7.

Snow Removal Teams

With winter coming up, I would like to organize teams who can go out to elderly people’s houses and help shovel their side walks and driveways on days that we have a lot of snow.